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Window Gallery: I have dreamt; planning for the unknown

Mai Ly
Holly Aubichon (Curator)
May 15 – July 3, 2021

I have dreamt; planning for the unknown

I have dreamt; planning for the unknown, explores the pivotal decision Mai Ly made, to escape from Saigon, Vietnam in 1989 and how it has influenced their life and art practice. Now, 31 years later, Ly’s paintings reflect, document and visually address the passage of time. “I went through multiple hardships, even risking my life, before being able to settle down and pursue my dreams again. Yes, it has been my life, but it does feel that I was robbed of many years that I would have used differently – like becoming an established artist. I have lost a lot of time, and thus I cherish my time so much now.” The intent of this exhibition is to offer a space for the artist to reclaim a portion of their ‘lost time’ and to dream for the unknown.

MAI LY was born and raised in Vietnam. She immigrated to Canada in 1991 and currently resides in Regina. Ly graduated from the University of Regina in 2021 with a Certificate in Advanced Studio Techniques. Her current work is a series of oil paintings, focusing on themes of time and life. Ly explores the concept of time, not only in the present but also where time and life coexist in parallel universes. Ly is an active member of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Art Gallery of Regina, the Regina Federations of Artists, and the HeARTland Artists’ Guild.

HOLLY AUBICHON is an emerging Indigenous artist and curator. She recently received her BFA from the University of Regina, minoring in Indigenous Art History. Passionate about art in Saskatchewan, Aubichon has worked and been involved with galleries in Regina including the MacKenzie Art Gallery as a Gallery Facilitator, and previously Neutral Grounds board’s secretary. Additionally, she has worked as the Conservation/Collections Care Assistant at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Aubichon is passionate about making space for BIPOC artists in Saskatchewan, interested in prairie collaborations and is connected to a small BIPOC community in Alberta.