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Phomohobes | Beach Scene


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Beach Scene (2 of 13)
Print (framed), 2017
22″ x 22″

Artist Bio

Phomohobes are an artist collective comprised of Jason Cawood (Regina) and Colby Richardson (Winnipeg.) They primarily focus on paper collage and printmaking, however they have also produced music videos and graphic design for bands & musicians. Since forming in 2012, they have exhibited work across Canada and have had their work appear in BlackFlash magazine, The Iowa Review, aceart inc.’s PaperWait annual publication, among others. Their collage work often takes shape as garish, ornate and perverse juxtapositions of mid-20th century interior design, ancient Egypt, astronomy, dated glamour, beauty products, decontextualized body parts, and hypermasculinity. These recurring themes have, over the years, created an insular world of tableaux which are cryptic and invite a variety of interpretations, but are nonetheless part of a coherent body of work adhering to a visual language that is uniquely Phomohobes.