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Amanda Stecyk & Anne Wells | PIZZA FOREVER


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Amanda Stecyk & Anne Wells
Photograph, Hand Poked Tattoo ink by Lisa Loewenn,  2021
12″ x 24″

Artist Bio

Anne Wells is currently a high school teacher with Regina Public Schools. In her spare time, she loves to paint and experiment in new mediums. Her latest projects have been around plants and concrete and has also been working on soldering stained glass. Amanda Stecyk has been teaching for ten years with The Prairie Valley School Division and is currently working on completing her master’s degree. Stecyk’s favourite mediums to work in are acrylics, watercolours, and some sculptural materials. Amanda and Anne both attended The University of Regina, where they completed their Arts Education degree with majors in Visual Art. When they found this exhibition opportunity, they knew they had to submit some artworks that combine their two true loves: art and the world’s most perfect food. Viva la Pizza!