March 17 - April 21, 2012


Opening Reception: 17 March, 7:00
Opening alongside The Untied Knot featuring an audio performance by Jeffery Allport and Jamie Drouin

FIELD from artist, Jamie Drouin, is an intermedia installation based on ultra-low frequency audio and sculpture. Built from white porcelain dishes and two vibrating surfaces, the work plays with a familiar pattern of environmental and domestic noise.

FIELD reminds us of the ubiquitous nature of machine noise and the steady hum of familiar noises in our environment. The placement in a gallery underscores our familiarity with machine noise including from refrigerators, speakers, electrical boxes, cars, computers and their mostly, benign partnership in contemporary life.

FIELD is also a visual art exhibition that occupies space in such a way as to evoke a sensual and tangible experience. As an audio, electronic piece, FIELD demonstrates the ways in which space transforms sound, using resonance as a formal element. Drouin is looking at the relational properties of sound and its effects on the body through its ability to generate a myriad of states of mind and yet remain elusive; as an harmonizing influence or as noise pollution.

As part of our program to look at new media as expanded cinema, the exhibition FIELD provides an opportunity to consider the artist as an "ecologist, involved with the environment, rather than with objects" ("Expanded Cinema", Gene Youngblood, 1970) although, certainly not to their exclusion.