November 3, 2012

{Person, Place, Thing}

Opening Reception: Saturday November 3rd 8:00

In {Person, Place, Thing}, five Canadian artists (Bonnie Devine, Michael Maranda, Loretta Paoli, Arthur Renwick, and Laurel Woodcock), explore the often overlooked language embedded in the environment that encompasses us. Rather than focusing on the loud, abrasive text that literally surround us through advertisements and signage however, they poetically and precisely examine the inherent language structures built into landscape, objects, and site. Through inter-material translations, they expose how written language is impacted by, and attempts to contain our environment. Translating from land to treaty, gallery to catalogue, philosophy to artwork, and nation to law, the abstractness of the textual mark is revealed to be just as malleable and meaningful (or meaningless) as the ridges on a rock, or the color of a wall.

Bonnie Devine
Michael Maranda
Loretta Paoli
Arthur Renwick
Laurel Woodcock

Curated by:
John G. Hampton