June 4, 2011

natural Forms - Catalogue Launch

Neutral Ground is pleased to announce the release of the exhibition catalogue for natural Forms: Ideal Landscape and Social Forms in Contemporary Practices. In this 34 page text, curator John G. Hampton writes about artists Jeremy Drummond, Robert Hengeveld, Barbara Meneley, Crystal Mowry and Jocelyn Philibert. Hampton uses the works in this exhibit as a frame for examining the role that representation plays in the relationship between Western culture and nature. The artists in natural Forms do not merely imitate nature, nor do they solely attempt to influence how we reconstruct nature through their representations; instead they critically investigate how our ever-changing societal ideals alter nature and our relationship with the 'natural world.' Through aesthetics and ethics, lawn care and environmentalism, oil drilling and tree planting, or painting and writing, western culture has continually attempted to manufacture an 'authentic' natural.

Available June 4
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