September 27, 2000

Following The Path

Sheryl Kootenhayoo (Curator)

Artist will be present. Reception to follow.
Introduction | Films


Following the Path is a program of video works that address acculturation and assimilation of Aboriginal peoples in Canada presented by Soil Digital Media Suite at Neutral Ground. Screening in the Media Lounge, Neutral Ground gallery.

"As a child, I was under the impression that being of Aboriginal blood wasn't a good thing due to the nature of our surroundings and the shame I felt. The lifestyles and realities of those surroundings play a major role in the way I perceive my life. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge I have gained throughout transcends into the creative realm of life, as well as today. This understanding has given me a sense of who I am and where I come from. Once the knowledge is planted, seeds grow organically into a collective of thoughts and ideas where changes and growth occur.

Growing up in this country and knowing all the systems that were created to try to conform us, mold us and shape us, I realize that I am not alone. Throughout my experiences I have tried to educate others who may not realize the full implications of those systems. Does one have to attend post-secondary institutions catered to First Nation's people before being taught about colonialism, stereotypes and the attempted genocide of our people? Alternatively, one can simply look toward the work being created to understand and acknowledge that we are strong, for keeping our identities, our histories and our power."

Sheryl Kootenhayoo